PRO-GRAS calcium soap

Jabon calcico

This is the result of the saponification of free fatty acids by calcium ions. It is an easy product to granulate and mixes well and homogeneously with other additives for animal feed. It is very stable over time due to its composition and high melting point.

These soaps remain unseparated as they pass through the rumen and are not affected by fermentation. The different PH of the lower tract causes it to dissociate, giving rise to calcium and the corresponding free fatty acids that are then digested in the jejunum.

Calcium soaps enable a greater proportion of unsaturated fatty acids to reach the small intestine, so that intestinal digestibility of fat increases.
This has applications in cattle and pig rearing.

This has applications in cattle and pig rearing.

Supply formats for PRO-GRAS calcium soap
  • Sacks
  • Big Bags / Sacks
  • Bulk truck
  • 20′ or 40′ containers for export

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Jabon calcico