Palmitic acid

Jabon calcico

In Mateos, S.L. we manufacture palmitic acid, a raw material for animal feed in farming and in the manufacture of dry feed. Product appearance is white and solid, in the form of micro pearls for enhanced dosing.

The product is obtained from purification through the distillation of 100% vegetable oil, specifically palm oil and derivatives. A concentration of 98% minimum palmitic acid is achieved. Lower concentrations may also be offered depending on the application, and we therefore also offer palmitic acid, 85%. The advantages of this type of additive is the increase in the energy content of the animal feed and the ease with which it is digested.

In the case of ruminants, it improves fertility and milk production. It increases the protein and lactose in milk output, and provides a positive balance of energy.

It is a product with a good palatability and high fat content (99% min.)

It has applications in cattle, pig and sheep farming. .

Supply formats for palmitic acid
  • Sacks
  • Big Bags / Sacks
  • Bulk truck
  • 20′ or 40′ containers for export

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Jabon calcico