PRO-FAT hydrogenated oils

Grasa bypass - hidrogenada

At Mateos SL we distribute hydrogenated oil / fat, bypass grease as a feed additive to livestock and feed manufacturers. The appearance of the product is solid, in the form of microbeads for optimal dosage.

It is produced by hydrogenation of the double bonds of palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD), or palm stearin, in order to raise its melting point (54°C). The advantages of this type of additives is the increase in the energy content of the animal’s food and the ease of digesting them.

In the case of ruminants, hydrogenated fat, bypass fat, by having a higher melting point it is protected by being more insoluble. The activity in the rumen is thus reduced and better energy use is obtained.

This is an additive with good palatability and a high fat content (99%min.)

It is used for cattle, pigs and sheep.

Supply formats for PRO-FAT hydrogenated oils
  • Sacks
  • Big Bags / Sacks
  • 20′ o 40′ containers for export

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Grasa hidrogenada - PFADH - estearina