Quality control system policy

MATEOS S.L. is a chemical industry company engaged in the transformation of industrial fats, obtaining and marketing intermediate products for such different sectors as animal feed, the manufacture of plastics, construction materials, etc.

Within the corporate strategy of Mateos S.L. its management recognises that feed safety; quality management and respect for the environment are keystones of its commitment to continuous optimisation. Therefore, an optimisation strategy to be used will be an integrated system of quality, environmental and feed safety management, based on two strategic focus points: CONTINUOUS OPTIMISATION of the integrated management system efficacy and commitment to seeking CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

The main plans of action are listed below:

  • Prioritise the safety of our animal feed products above any activity undertaken by Mateos S.L. which could involve any risk to feed safety and hygiene.
  • Commit to feed safety, with compliance of the APPCC principles, identifying and managing critical control points for the safe development of all feed hygiene processes.
  • Be informed about and strictly comply with all applicable legislation in feed safety, quality and environment, continuously optimising hygiene conditions in the plant and quality standards of the feed manufactured.
  • Pack our products in the best conditions to offer our customers harmless, top quality products.
  • Provide all the necessary means to identify and eliminate any potential risk which could affect the safety, legality and quality of the products supplied.
  • Comply with the requisites established by the GMP+ system.
  • Increase awareness among the employees, of the need to proceed in each activity undertaken, always in a hygienic manner, both on a personal level and when handing foods or when involved in the environment around them.
  • Involve, motivate and commit the staff to participating in the management, development and application of the integrated management system.
  • Maintain permanent contacts with customers so as to jointly collaborate in improving process quality.
  • Make optimum use of our resources, continuously improving our productivity rates, using the information provided by the management system itself to continuously improve the processes and products.
  • Respect the environment and sustainability from a life cycle viewpoint, because we understand that it is a key factor in the company’s survival and also a responsibility which must be accepted and shared by all the staff at Mateos S.L.
  • Clearly and explicitly commit to the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution, the sustainable use of resources and the promotion of recycling, re-use and recovery of waste generated.
  • Work with social responsibility, improving the quality of life of the people who form part of our organisation and as agents of change so that they perform their activities mindful of their own care and that of the environment around them.
  • Promote compliance with the commitments to the prevention of occupational and environmental risks, in addition to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Management undertakes to provide all the necessary resources, including the appointment of personnel for the execution of the verification work and activities deriving from the said integrated management system. By performing our daily tasks, with all the staff making an effort every day to renew thoroughness in our work, we will offer greater PRESTIGE and COMPETITIVENESS. Management wishes to thank the whole human team of MATEOS S.L. for their collaboration in accomplishing the stated objectives.