Agri-food products

Fats are commonly used in feed for monogastrics and ruminants due to their high energy concentration and their positive effects on the animals’ productivity.

High percentages of free fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and free fats inhibit microbial action to a certain degree and undermine the digestion of nutrients in the rumen, particularly of the fibrous fraction.

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 GMP+ certification: Quality and Safety

Since 2016, Mateos, S.L. has been certified by the GMP + FSA feed quality and safety programme. This certification is our company’s commitment to produce feed and raw material for feed safely, responsibly and with high quality standards.

The main points of the GMP+ system are:
  1. Application of certain requirements of the company’s internal quality system (based on standard ISO 9001);
  2. Application of the HACCP methodology (analysis of dangers and critical control points) to ensure the innocuousness of the feed and its raw material;
  3. General measures and requisites for the production process, including traceability and product withdrawal;
  4. Compliance with obligatory and voluntary regulations.
Certification according to the GMP + standard allows us to:
  1. Convey confidence to our customers, demonstrating that our products are produced by safe and effective processes, thereby obtaining safe and innocuous feed.
  2. Demonstrate to our customers that our suppliers are certified and/or have been assessed according to strict control procedures.